With this program we start with the foundation of your project, making sure that your lyrics, melodies and production are compelling. It is by far our most comprehensive service, which gives you support from the very beginning of the creative process to the final mix.  Even though our main objective is to help you find your sound, we also take the time to discuss your branding, social media presence as well as your overall marketing and advertising strategy throughout the process.

$3,000 CAd/Song

Discounts Applied For Multi-Song Projects

This service is best suited for the artist that feels confident in their songwriting and simply needs a solid production team to bring the song to life.

$1500 - $2000 Cad/Song





A perfect fit for the artist that has unfinished content that could use an outside perspective from an industry professional. We offer everything from a song/album review with notes to a skype call/in person meeting to go over your content and make necessary changes.

Starting at $500 CAD

We can work with our partners to negotiate a deal on your behalf.  This includes, but is not limited to, management deals, booking agency contracts, distribution deals and sync/licensing deals.

Commission to be negotiated





Vocal/Single Instrument Tracking


On Site Vocal Production


Multi Instrument Tracking



$250 - $350CAD/Song

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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