Artist Development

The Process



The first  thing we're going to focus on is the sound you're going for.  We'll discuss your vocal style and how that pairs with your desired music production, as well as your biggest influences and what you'd like to draw from them.  From there, we'll start to conceptualize your instrumental(s), taking into account your feedback along the way.  We'll often ask for the overall theme of the song(s) so we can pinpoint the most accurate tone for the instrumental(s).  Lastly, we'll go over deadlines, in case your project is time sensitive.

Lyrics +Melody

Once we have a sense of what the song is going to sound like, we move to develop the lyrics and melodies.  We'll make sure that your message is clear and that the melodies support and elevate your words.  We also take the time to go over how the vocals will be performed, which will be the start, but not the end, of the vocal coaching service.



Once we all feel comfortable with the vocal arrangement and the instrumental, it's time to head to the studio to record your song!  (Note* If you're outside of Toronto, we'll work with you to find the best recording solution.  We have partners all over the world and we'll do our best to ensure you end up in good hands.)


[Mastering not included]

Release Strategy

So after all the blood, sweat and tears you finally have your record and it sounds amazing...but now what?  Well, we'll tell you!  Wether your ready for label support or you're just starting your journey, we'll help you create a cohesive and compelling online presence that will increase your odds of being seen and heard.  Get ready to go through your press photos, social media accounts, website and more!  We're going to maximize your assets so that your project will look and sound as attractive as possible to industry prospects (Spotify curators, booking agents, a&r etc.)